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Four cases in ten days.

~$415 million gone.

“Compromised keys” are so hot right now.

BitMart ($196M), 8ight Finance ($1.75M), AscendEX ($77.7M) and now Vulcan Forged ($140M).

But it’s nothing to do with the markets, right?

Vulcan Forged is a “blockchain game studio” and “NFT marketplace” building fantasy play-to-earn games inside what they call the VulcanVerse.

The majority of the funds taken from users’ wallets was in the platform’s own token, $PYR, which is used for in-game transactions and on their native marketplace.

In order to facilitate these use cases, user accounts are linked to an integrated wallet - a service provided by Venly.

The private keys of 96 addresses were compromised, allowing the attacker to drain their contents. As well as $PYR, users also lost substantial amounts of other tokens including ETH and MATIC.

Hacker’s address on:



Funds have since been sent on to further wallets, for example this one containing ~$40M in $PYR and ~$600k in ETH.

The team claims to have identified an address that may be linked to a KYC’d exchange.

A total of over 4.5M PYR was extracted, with a value of ~$140M at the time of the attack.

Subsequent sales of the stolen PYR had a large impact on the token price, which dropped ~30% initially, from around $31 to a low of $21.47.

In contrast to the other cases, the Vulcan team has been quick to respond to the incident, posting regular updates on their Twitter feed and promising to both replace the stolen $PYR and remove the custodial wallets.

According to the latest update, the majority of affected wallets have already been reimbursed from the treasury, and the team aims to pursue a 100% decentralised system going forward.

The response from the team has been better than most, but that doesn’t mean we should be less suspicious.

“Compromised keys” can’t be analysed by outsiders; a fact which benefits only the insiders.

Who is to blame for this incident? Is it Vulcan Forged, for a lack of due diligence, or their wallet provider; Venly?

Without further details; we will never know.

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