The Return of Cronje

Isolation has proven impossible for Andre Cronje.

Just two weeks ago, Cronje disappeared from crypto Twitter, as the Eminence scandal cast doubt on the behaviours of the previously idolised developer.

Much has changed in the short time he was away. The once profitable yield farms are bare and Cronje’s daemon Blue Kirby is dead.

Now the weary alchemist has been drawn out from recluse, and has brought with him yet another book of unfinished code.

Despite his usual protests that its contents were simply for testing, the greedy crowd took no notice, and another example of on-chain darwinism played out in real time.

The loss of funds in the EMN contract appeared accidental - a hack / exploit by an unknown user.

LBI was different, the sudden decrease in price was triggered when Cronje himself edited the Medium article in which it was originally announced.

This has led many to point the blame at Cronje as the cause of their loss. After the EMN affair, it’s fair to assume that Cronje knew people would put money into this contract.

It’s also fair to assume he could have predicted the impact of adding such a drastic warning after so many users had deposited into his contract.

However, the code was released with disclaimers attached, and as those depositing their money knew the risks, it seems both sides share some responsibility here.

Cronje left Twitter on September 29th in order to focus on his work.

Many hoped he would come back with a new finished project, only to be disappointed when he issued more unfinished code onto the Ethereum mainnet.

It seems this repeated public disappointment has embittered Cronje; he quickly switched from mute to mania as his project imploded and he took to Twitter to mock those who lost their money.

Based on his tweet history, it appears @andrecronjetech is now @andrecronjedev, but what change, if any, is there to the once bold “degens” of crypto Twitter?

EDIT - Fortunately, the @andrecronjedev account was a troll. Since this article was released @andrecronjetech has used his original account to speak out regarding his involvement in DeFi.

Has the appetite for public experimentation been sated, or are degens gonna degen?
The days of 0xc4ad are over, and we need to stop glorifying or encouraging this reckless behaviour.

It seems neither party learnt from the harsh lesson dealt by EMN. The crowd behaviour remains reckless, and it seems Cronje has yet to accept that his new found fame has burdened him with some responsibility to protect those who use his code.

If the code was only “shared for devs to help think tank and figure out how to create a new distribution mechanism.” then he could have released it anonymously, or to only a select few.

However, the frustration of having your creativity limited by the greed of the community must be infuriating, so it’s understandable why Cronje has reacted in this way.

As one of the most skilled developers in the space, we should not deter him from continuing to build. Revealing your work to the public is always nerve wracking, even more so when there is so much at stake.

After two failed attempts, the crowd still demands more gold from Cronje, but were the results of his YFI experiment a one off?

Both parties need to reflect on their actions and admit their guilt, the faults are shared here and nothing is clear cut.

However, at the end of the day, nobody forced the degens to invest; they knew the risks, and they ended up getting rekt.

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