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Four projects got rugged through their shared anti-rug mechanism.

Team Finance, the self-proclaimed “Industry Leader In Project Security & Automation”, lost $15.8M of funds that it was supposed to be safeguarding.

Of the four pools drained, FEG, Caw, and Kondux were the worst hit. Tsuka was also affected, but experienced less price impact due to a secondary liquidity pool on Uniswap v3.

The project’s website claims to protect over $2.5B of assets, but considering the low liquidity of their selection of shitcoins, we can consider this claim to be optimistic at best.

#46 on the leaderboard.


Credit: Peckshield

The announcement of the hack explained that the exploit targeted “the audited v2 to v3 migration function.

The vulnerability was contained in one of the Liquidity Locks’ “bulletproof smart contracts” which allowed projects to migrate locked LP positions from Uni v2 to Uni v3.

According to Peckshield’s analysis:

The protocol has a flawed migrate() that is exploited to transfer real UniswapV2 liquidity to an attacker-controlled new V3 pair with skewed price, resulting in huge leftover as the refund for profit. Also, the authorized sender check is bypassed by locking any tokens.

The breakdown of the loss to each project’s Uniswap v2 pool is as follows:

$11.5M CAW


$0.7M KNDX

$1.9M FEG

Exploiter address 1: 0x161cebb807ac181d5303a4ccec2fc580cc5899fd

Exploiter address 2 (containing stolen funds): 0xba399a2580785a2ded740f5e30ec89fb3e617e6e

Attack tx: 0xb2e3ea72…

Attacker’s contract: 0xcff07c4e6aa9e2fec04daaf5f41d1b10f3adadf4

The vulnerable migrate() function was included in Zokyo Security’s audit of Team Finance contracts from August this year.

“DAO tooling” was amongst the most popular buzzwords throughout the last cycle.

For small, anon teams working on innovative protocols, it may be tempting to outsource trust to a third party. But given the array of shitcoins “secured” by Team Finance, the vaults seem more likely to be a way for projects to appear trustworthy by proxy.

Now that it’s clear that trust has been lost.

Will this protocol take one for the team and reimburse the victims, or is it every man for himself?

There’s no $ in Team.

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