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Swaprum, an Arbitrum-based DEX, pulled the rug for $3M on Thursday.

While the project’s social media presence and GitHub repos have been deleted, Swaprum’s website remains live, proudly displaying Certik’s seal of approval in its banner.

This latest incident comes less than a month after Merlin DEX rugged $1.8M, sparking a debate as to whether a Certik audit was more of a red flag than a mark of confidence.

This is the 4th rug over $1M we’ve covered so far this year, all of them supposedly audited.

But not all audits are created equal…

When will we learn?

Credit: Beosin

As with most rug-pulls, the mechanics behind the incident were not complicated.

The project’s reward contract was upgraded to a new version which included the backdoor function add().

add() sends users LP tokens to the team’s Deployer address, which was able to steal the funds by draining the underlying liquidity.

Attacker address (Swaprum: Deployer): 0xf2744e1fe488748e6a550677670265f664d96627

Example tx: 0x36fef881…

Funds were bridged to Ethereum where a total of 1620 ETH was deposited into Tornado Cash.

It should be noted that the upgraded (malicious) contract was not included in the audit. But the capability to upgrade contracts containing user funds to an arbitrary deployment was always there...

Certik does mention major centralisation issues in Swaprum’s code, remarking that the contract owner has authority over certain aspects of the protocol.

However, the wording mainly refers to external threats:

Any compromise to the _owner account may allow the hacker to take advantage of this authority…

If an attacker compromises the account, he can change the implementation of the contract and drain tokens from the contract.

Given the recent backlash, one would think that auditors might make an effort to be more explicit about the potential for malicious insiders, reflecting the fact in the report’s wording.

A simple ‘ruggability’ score would go a long way to communicating these risks in a degen-friendly format.

However, the idea probably wouldn’t go over well with grifters looking to rubber stamp their latest scam.

Certik has since updated Swaprum’s security score to “Exit Scam”.

Too little, too late?

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