One year of

12 months have passed since our “Hello World”.

In that time we have published 100 pieces of investigative journalism, creative commentary, and incident analysis. From these we have entered over 50 protocols onto our leaderboard, covering a total value lost of over $1 billion dollars.

Most importantly, we have built a strong community.

Your donations have regularly placed us amongst the most supported projects on Gitcoin, and even the shadier subjects within our stories have publicly shown their support.

To celebrate our one year anniversary, and to fund our future development, we are releasing a very limited edition series of merchandise, as well as auctioning 20 exclusive NFTs.

17 of these “ genesis” NFTs come from our debut video “Hopium Diaries - Dystopian Dreams”

We have also created three unique NFTs for this anniversary, representing three of the most memorable stories of the past year; Poly Network, Pancake Bunny, and Meerkat Finance.

If you believe in the future of DeFi, then you believe in the future of

These NFTs represent a full year of work, they show the foundational moments of our brand. As grows, holders of these NFTs will come to realise their utility.

All 20 of the genesis NFTs will be auctioned on OpenSea.

The auction will last for 6 days, from 24.09.2021, until 30.09.2021.

Each auction winner will also receive the full (customised) merchandise pack containing the full range of limited edition “rekt 365” merchandise.

Many of you have asked us to begin selling merchandise, so we are proud to announce that a small number of products will also be available for sale through our website.

Starting immediately (23.09.2021), you can visit and mint an NFT representing your desired selection of merchandise.

In seven days time, (30.09.2021), you will be able to burn that NFT in order to redeem your merchandise.

The “365” t-shirt.

A high quality heavyweight t-shirt to celebrate the first year of our operation.

Long-lasting screen printed design, relaxed fit, crew neck, heavyweight, 220g / 6.4oz, 100% combed cotton.

R.I.P: rekt in print.

The “for your eyes only” edition.

24 pages of our finest, freshest journalism, including exclusive illustrations from rekt comics - the anonymous author meets the anonymous artist.

The cap.

Structured 6 Panel, Low Profile, Pre-curved Peak. Fabric Covered. Short Touch Strap.

Merchandise is available in the following packages.

1 Hat, 1 Newspaper - 0.05 ETH

500 available

1 Hat, 1 Newspaper 1 T-shirt (Medium) - 0.1 ETH

250 available

1 Hat, 1 Newspaper, 1 T-shirt (Large) - 0.1 ETH

250 available


If you have any questions, please visit our Telegram group.

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