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Multichain addresses were drained yesterday for a total of $126M, representing around 50% of the FTM bridge and 80% of the Moonriver bridge holdings.

The project has quite the record…

Before re-branding to Multichain, Anyswap was hacked for $8M almost two years ago.

Then, in early 2022, six multi-token contracts were found to be vulnerable to an approvals draining attack, estimated to have led to $3M in user losses.

Finally, in May of this year, Multichain caused panic when responding to bridging delays, potential insider dumping and team arrest rumours, explaining things away with a vague, but foreboding, “force majeure”.

This time, comms were equally worrying:

The lockup assets on the Multichain MPC address have been moved to an unknown address abnormally.

The team is not sure what happened and is currently investigating.

It is recommended that all users suspend the use of Multichain services and revoke all contract approvals related to Multichain.

Fantom, which is heavily reliant on Multichain versions of many non-native assets (USDC, USDT, DAI, wETH and wBTC), also didn’t have any answers.

With such a long and chequered history, and still no definitive root cause identified by the team…

Is this just another of Cronje’s test-in-prod experiments gone wrong?

The largest rug we’ve ever seen?

Or even a very shy whitehat?

Credit: Beosin

As the large withdrawals picked up attention on Twitter, an initial theory that the withdrawals were related to Stargate/LayerZero’s launch of new offerings on FTM were quickly put to bed by the LZ team.

While the exact attack vector is still to be determined, the behaviour of transactions appear to suggest that an attacker was able to control the addresses directly.

Plausible methods of gaining access include a back-end breach, obtaining private keys via spearphishing or the actions of a malicious insider.

The last time Multichain (then Anyswap) was hacked, the attacker was able to back-calculate private keys from repeated transaction data the (then recently-launched) v3.

Exploiter addresses and current holdings at time of writing (total $126.3M):

0x9d5765ae1c95c21d4cc3b1d5bba71bad3b012b68 ($16.7M including DAI, LINK, USDT and CRV)

0xefeef8e968a0db92781ac7b3b7c821909ef10c88 ($30.1M in USDC)

0x418ed2554c010a0c63024d1da3a93b4dc26e5bb7 ($13.4M in wETH)

0x622e5f32e9ed5318d3a05ee2932fd3e118347ba0 ($30.9M in wBTC)

0x48bead89e696ee93b04913cb0006f35adb844537 ($7.5M in USDC, USDT, DAI and wBTC from Moonriver)

0x027f1571aca57354223276722dc7b572a5b05cd8 ($27.7M in USDC)

The full list of assets can be found here.

While the losses are enormous, funds have not been swapped or moved since being drained, potentially pointing to actions of a whitehat. Additionally, over half the amount ($65M) could be frozen by Tether and Circle.

Two bridges have earned their 2nd leaderboard entry in a week, after Poly Network’s multisig was compromised last Saturday.

The latest in an ongoing series of bridge hacks, this is another reminder of Vitalik’s warning that, despite the name of today's entry, a multi- not cross-chain future may be the safest way to go for crypto.

As we wrote after the >$300M Wormhole hack:

In the race across the cryptoverse to reach experimental and more lucrative opportunities, many are willing to trust in newer tech. But when one of these gateways fails, the damage done can be immense.

Once again, another project linked to Cronje’s decentralised monopoly has ended up rekt, joining many others on the leaderboard, some with multiple entries.

How many more victims will lose out to these ‘experiments’?

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