Midas Capital - REKT 2

Midas can’t keep hold of their gold.

On Saturday, one of the lending protocol’s pools was exploited for $600k on BSC.

Midas Capital have found themselves on the rekt.news leaderboard for the 2nd time this year. Acknowledging the incident, the team stated they had “pre-emptively paused all pools”.

Last time we wrote:

It’s always a shame to report on losses in DeFi, but especially when they are down to already known issues, with simple workarounds.

Sadly, this exploit was also down to a known issue, having affected Hundred Finance in April. In what was also a 2nd entry, Hundred lost $7.4M on Optimism.

On Hundred’s first outing we wrote:

Forks upon forks create a house of cards…

When one fork falls, all others have to check their foundations.

When will they learn?

Credit: Peckshield, Ancilia, BlockSec

The exploit was made possible due to a rounding vulnerability in the redeem counter, affecting interest rate calculation (as in April’s Hundred Finance incident).

On Wednesday, RSK-based Tropykus was hit by the same attack, leading to $150k in losses. As pointed out by Alexand39172242, the attacker, who was contacted by the Tropykus team, also funded the Midas attacker’s address.

Attacker’s address: 0x4b92cc3452ef1e37528470495b86d3f976470734

The attacker has deposited a portion of the stolen funds into Tornado Cash and bridged some to Ethereum.

DeFi is an interconnected web of composable protocols and forked code; the possibilities for innovation are limitless, and the opportunities for integration, endless.

But weaknesses, once discovered, instantly propagate through the ecosystem…

…sometimes finding their way into projects whose own devs are seemingly unaware, or don’t think to check.

Keeping on top of these incidents is crucial for anyone working on securing funds in such a complex and interdependent industry.

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