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Abandon Hope all ye who enter here.

$1.86M was stolen from Hope Finance on Monday.

The project, an Arbitrum-based Tomb-fork, published a tweet accusing a team member of rugging the project, along with KYC information.


The official comms didn’t mince their words, even as they advised users on how to use the emergencyWithdraw function to attempt to salvage funds:

Steps to withdraw your staked LP from the this fucking scam protocol

While the official story may be of a dev gone rogue, the tx preparing the rug was approved by all three accounts on the team’s multisig. And faked KYC is not hard to come by.

For users, the situation seems…


Credit: Certik

Funds were drained (~$800k in WETH and ~$1M in USDC) from GenesisRewardPool contract at launch.

According to Certik’s analysis:

In preparation for the @hope_fin exit scam, a fake router was deployed in txn 0xf188.

The SwapHelper was then updated to use this fake router in txn 0xc9ee. This txn was approved by all 3 owners of Hope’s multisig 0x8ebd.

In txn 0x1b47, _swapExactTokenForTokens variable was set to wallet address, 0x957D.

When GenesisRewardPool.openTrade() is called to borrow USDC, GenesisRewardPool transfers WETH to TradingHelper to convert to USDC.

Instead of swapping, USDC was sent to 0x957D.

As the _uSDC address was deliberately left empty, the receiving address (0x957D) was passed to v2 and the swapExactTokensForTokens() transferred 477 WETH to 0x957D.

Rug puller prep address: 0xdfcb9a03fbe9f616ee6827cd1b753238d53c6145

Rug puller receiving address (ETH, ARBI): 0x957d354d853a1ff03dda608f3577d24ea18fcece

Hope Finance Multisig: 0x8ebd0574d37d77bdda1a40cdf3289c9770309aa7

The USDC received was swapped to ETH, for a total of 1095 ETH, which was then bridged to Ethereum via Celer and finally deposited into Tornado Cash.

The project had two audits prior to launch, by Cognitos (the code passed despite auditors flagging two ‘major’ issues, neither of which related to the mechanism used to rug) and AuditRateTech (who appear to have deleted the audit report, although a KYC certificate still remains on their site).

It’s impossible to know whether the doxxed individual accused by the team is truly to blame.

According to Streetview, the address given in the ID is a vacant lot.

And with many other possible explanations: bought KYC or even framed by someone else from the project with access to official comms.

It’s possible that this case will end in whoever is responsible being brought to justice…

But don’t get your Hopes up.

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