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Fortress Protocol, the lending arm of JetFuel Finance on BSC, was pillaged for $3M yesterday.

Weak fortifications surrounding the project’s oracle and governance process allowed the invading hacker to pass a malicious proposal and manipulate the price of collateral.

Though contracts remain live, the team have paused the platform’s UI and launched a follow-up proposal to repair the damage.

However with $3M gone, will this leave Fortress in ruins?

Credit: BlockSecTeam, Certik

The protocol’s price oracle was vulnerable to manipulation as the price submit() function is publicly callable.

Coupled with a malicious proposal to add FTS as collateral (with a factor of 700000000000000000), the attacker was able to drain all assets from the platform using just 100 FTS (~4.5$ at pre-hack prices) as collateral.

The attack was funded with ETH (on BSC), originally sourced from Tornado Cash on mainnet. The funds were then swapped for large quantities of FTS, which were used to reach quorum for the malicious proposal and as collateral.

Following the exploit, the attacker deposited a total of 1048 ETH ($2.6M) and 400k DAI into Tornado Cash.

Oracle attack tx: 0x13d198…

Attacker’s address on BSC and ETH: 0xA6AF2872176320015f8ddB2ba013B38Cb35d22Ad

The project’s site lists ChainLink among its “collaboraters” (sic), however it seems that their oracle expertise was not part of the “collaboration”.

Fortress Protocol was audited by both Hash0x and EtherAuthority, two new names on our leaderboard, neither of which picked up any oracle vulnerability in the code.

Although the attacker was able to pass quorum, their malicious governance proposal was active for 3 days. Why was the suspicious vote not addressed?

Once again, we see that taking a vigilant role in governance is important, not just for the team but for all users.

Will the larger JetFuel Finance ecosystem bail out users for the lost funds?

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