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Welcome to the slaughterhouse.

An incorrect share valuation helps to add another notch to the now infamous flash loan exploit season on the BSC.

Yet another fork of a fork has rolled off the conveyor belt with $6.3M falling straight into the hands of the hacker.

Despite this being a slightly more sophisticated attack than some of the previous occurrences, all the familiar hallmarks are present.

Another BSC protocol caught with its trousers down.

Why do these projects continue to leave themselves vulnerable to such savage beatings?

With the bull market seeming to stall, is it time for hackers to take profit?

1: Use 8 flash loans on $385M BUSD from PancakeSwap

2: Deposit 10M BUSD in bEllipsisBUSD strategy (only for the first transaction, where it was the 'Most Undersubscribed Strategy')

3: Deposit 187M BUSD to bVenusBUSD strategy ('Most Undersubscribed Strategy')

4: Swap 190M BUSD to 169M USDT through Ellipsis

5: Withdraw more BUSD from bVenusBUSD strategy ('Most Oversubscribed Strategy')

6: Swap 169M USDT to 189M BUSD through Ellipsis

7: Deposit BUSD to bVenusBUSD strategy ('Most Undersubscribed Strategy')

(Steps 4 - 7 were repeated 7 times)

8: Repay flash loans and withdraw profit

The hacker was not the only one to profit, as the EPS LP and stakers also received their share of this incident.

Credit: FrankResearcher and Mudit__Gupta

The similarities between this exploit and the Harvest Finance hack which we covered in October have not gone unnoticed.

A startlingly familiar series of events led to the Harvest Hacker getting away with over $25m in stolen funds on that occasion and look who was boasting about their new collaboration just two days before this latest incident.

Could the attack come from an external project on the seemingly clueless developers at Belt?

With Binance loosely weighing in on the situation, it seems there is no end in sight for the BSC bloodbath.

Which BSC protocol will be the next to buckle under pressure?

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