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A non-stop rug factory.

While SBF's trial occupies the attention of the crypto hivemind, it's business as usual on BSC…

$2.79M has been rugged already this week across two BSC-based shitcoin projects.

In the early hours (UTC) of Monday, Lucky Star Currency withdrew funds from two of its own contracts, netting $1.11M.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon (UTC), FSL token followed up by dumping pre-minted tokens to drain the coin’s $1.68M of liquidity.

The unverified FSL token contract was less than 24 hours old.

Aren’t we supposed to be in the depths of a bear market?

Who’s still apeing into this stuff?

Credit: Certik, Beosin

Launched in July, Lucky Star Currency is a Chinese Astrology-themed NFT project promoted under the handle AstrAstrol75591 on Twitter. The two attacked contracts, however, were published just over two weeks ago.

The project’s deployer address used the privileged function withdrawToken() to first drain 1.65M LSC tokens from the project’s AwardCentre contract, then a further 1.45M LSC from the NFTMerge contract.

The ~3M LSC were then swapped for $1.1M BSC-USD and forwarded onto a new address, where they remain.

Deployer address: 0x9ef72ee68a7c841986a0c60e0fdbae4e27446deb

Holding address: 0x23f8c805306bf27ab8bf3cebece4b778acffd896

An english-language message in the project’s Telegram group appears to play off the rug as a hack, and suggests a relaunch of new contracts.

With less than 24 from launch to rug, there’s little to be said about FSL.

During the token contract creation transaction, the deployer minted themself 100M FSL tokens. 97M of these were then transferred to another address, which dumped the tokens for $1.68M BSC-USD.

The proceeds were quickly swapped for 7952.2 BNB, which were deposited into Tornado Cash.

Deployer address: 0x281b8cb2AE64cd14501fc7Bcd2545be2836B173D

Dump address: 0x7249b903da533358c897784438b87bc94b402352

FLS token contract: 0x8923881e8cae6684c2bb84d69ae88a9bbbec8d5a

Since its inception, BSC has been a hotbed of fask forks, shitcoins and rug pulls, a semi-centralised DeFi-lite for a DYOR-averse userbase.

Even during the writing of this article, another two BSC-based projects have rugged: Islamic Coin (for $150k) and Marble X (for $160k).

With FUD at an all-time high, regulatory pressure and investigations mounting up, it seems there’s no such thing as good press right now for Binance.

How long will CZ continue to weather the storm?

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